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Golden Living Chiang Rai is an initiative from a European family that have moved from The Netherlands to Thailand several years ago.


We want to help you with the practical issues that come with moving to Thailand.


Lets face it; life gets more difficult when you get older. No use denying it, as much as you would like that…


Apart from the physical challenges also the tax-regime in your country does not help with getting old gracefully.


Your pension is under strain; in many cases the pensioner does not get nearly as much payment as he/she expected to get, while still working… And governments have their eyes on your savings, trying to get money squeezed out of you even now, after you have served your country for so many working years.


Not to mention the increasing downgrading of the care system which seems to be common practice in most western countries.


                    And these are just a few reasons to consider to move from your own country to a new.

                    Our advice:


· Make sure you have enough money to keep enjoying life

· Make sure that you will get the care you need the way you want it

· Don’t get yourself pushed into the underdog position


Move, before it’s too late!


                    Such a decision is not simple to make, but certainly not impossible.


We work in close co-operation with Chang Garden Resort. With the management of this lovely park we

have made an agreement which makes it possible to offer a unique concept for those who love life and

want to live happily ever after.


We can help you with:


· All the paperwork related to your move;

· Your visa application;

· Rent a villa for you; we have nice houses available with 1 living room, 2 bedrooms, kitchen, bathroom with shower, veranda, for a very reasonable price;

· Making sure your house gets cleaned twice per week;

· Serving meals on a regular basis;

· Getting someone to check in on you daily or as much as needed;

· Personal assistance;

· Medical care;

· Anything else you might want and/or need.



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